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 What is VirusGuru? What services do you provide?

VirusGuru is a multi-engine AntiVirus scanner service. We provide scan results for more than 25 different antivirus products.

 How does it work?

Our scanner computers connected to each other on an air gapped network, which means there is no way that your scan results can get out. We scan each file and gather results through a master server.

 Is scan results shared with 3rd parties/Antivirus vendors/NSA?

We do not share nor do we plan to share any results with anyone. All scanning takes place within our infrastructure with air-gapped computers. VirusGuru precisely built with this principle in mind.

 Is there an update schedule in place?

Yes. We do weekly maintenances and product updates. Although, we do have backup scanners so there won't be service interreption during these periods.

 What kind of files can be scanned?

Currently, we do support a number of files. Supported file types are as following:

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